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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brian Houston and Hillsong Church

I have had so many requests for information on Brian Houston and Hillsong that I decided to make this separate post linking to all the articles I’ve collected about Brian and his “goat pen.”  This will be a one-stop shopping spot for links I’ve previously posted (which will now be deleted from old “RAAH” posts), links I acquired this past week and not posted yet, and any new ones to come.   I will first post links which are primarily about Houston, and then the rest about Hillsong assemblies around the world.  I will post them from the oldest to the newest.   So hold onto your hats because you are in for a ride!

To begin with, let me point you to “Churchwatch Central,” a site which regularly covers a lot about Hillsong, especially with it’s sister site, “Hillsong Church Watch.”

I also point you to an article about why no one should be using Hillsong music, especially when you learn all about them in the links below.

Along this line are “Stop the Hillsongization!” (be sure to go to articles linked from this one).

Lastly, before jumping into all the links, there is this important information Christine Pack posted on her Facebook on 1/20/16 (which was previous posted by me as a separate article):

Meet Hillsong, one of the fastest growing churches in the world, whose leaders preach (and entertain) to packed-out auditoriums. Hillsong is a church only in the loosest sense, meaning that this entity uses Christian terminology, but beyond that, any resemblance to orthodox historic Christianity is tenuous, at best. Some facts:

➤ Hillsong has a massive reach through various arms: Hillsong Church, Hillsong Worship and Hillsong College.
➤ Hillsong targets youth through relentlessly hip marketing campaigns, urbanly styled leaders, and a club-like vibe at its "worship" services.
➤ Hillsong was founded in 1983 by a man named Frank Houston, and is now overseen by Frank Houston’s son, Brian Houston.
➤ Prominent Hillsong leaders include Brian Houston, Carl Lentz, Christine Caine, Darlene Zschech, Joel Houston.
➤ Hillsong is affiliated with Pentecostal/Assemblies of God (charismatic) teaching.
➤ Hillsong originated in Australia, but now has an enormous global worldwide following, including large flagship outposts in the United States (Manhattan and L.A.), England, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Amsterdam and Spain.
➤ Hillsong as an entity is known for being young and hip, and is popular among pop stars and athletes. A recent GQ magazine article called Hillsong “New York City’s Hippest Megachurch,” and Details Magazine ran an article entitled “Jesus Christ’s Superstar,” referencing Carl Lentz, Hillsong’s young, super-trendy Manhattan pastor. The article also gave Lentz the nickname “the Apostle of Cool.”
➤ Hillsong extends its reach and influence very effectively through its musical arm “Hillsong Worship.” Hillsong Worship has 4 Million+ followers, and is known for its high quality vocals and attractive singers. Hillsong Worship music is doctrinally unsound, and advances an experiential, charismatic view of God that is very appealing to postmoderns.
➤ As noted, Christine Caine is a "pastor" with Hillsong. Yet Caine regularly leads conferences alongside Christian teachers thought to be more theologically solid, including Ravi Zacharias, John Piper, Francis Chan, Matt & Lauren Chandler and Beth Moore.
➤ Hillsong has a college (Hillsong International Leadership College) at which future Hillsong leaders can receive religious degrees and be trained in the Hillsong vision.

A few helpful links about Hillsong are attached in this article

Let’s start with articles about Brian Houston.

An interesting incident about Brian Houston claiming that Christians and Muslims worship the same God; his dance to make things sound better doesn’t’ really work (numerous sites reported on this incident, and apparently it wasn’t the only time Houston said this).

Brian Houston protected his father from charges of sexual abuse -- so why is he okay to be a “pastor”?

This article about Houston explains a lot about why his “church” is so bizarre.

A great collection of links to articles exposing the false teachings of Brian Houston and Hillsong.

This "blast from the past" shows Houston's prosperity gospel teaching.

Hillsong “churches” and the problems with them.

Hillsong Church NYC: Cult of Celebrity.

The origin of Hillsong.  This explains a whole lot!  Part 2 is here.  Part 3 is here.

Carl Lentz, the “pastor” of Hillsong New York City was interviewed in late 2013 by Katie Couric.  The link to the actual interview was gone by February 2016, but any truly discerning person who watched it would know why this “pastor” is more of a goatherd, as are ALL “pastors” of the various Hillsong assemblies.   Lentz gets people to come to “church” by using entertainment and emotionalism while meeting in a “club.”  He said he is thankful for heretic Joel Osteen, and praises him as having started the “feel-good” genre!  Lentz is cowardly about discussing homosexuality publicly, and he claims that Jesus wasn’t “about” social issues.  These Hillsong “pastors” don’t demonstrate any reverence for God.  The Christian Post has a very good review of the interview, and Ken Ham of Answers In Genesis also has an excellent article about it.

Hillsong Los Angeles had some hubris about their music.

An interesting article about Hillsong from a secular source.

Carl Lentz, of Hillsong NYC, is one of the more worldly, seeker-sensitive and charismanic false teachers who doesn’t address moral issues for fear of causing offense.

As noted above, Carl Lentz refuses to deal with the subject of homosexuality for fear of offending.  His use of The Message as  his “Bible” helps him with his false teachings.  James White’s comments in the video demonstrate a huge problem with anyone using The Message.

Another video demonstrating why people need to stay away from Hillsong.

Hillsong continues to slide into full apostasy.

Carl Lentz brags about how many “gay men and women” attend his goat pen.  After all, he doesn’t address sin like that because it might turn them away.  (And here I was thinking that the assembly was for CHRISTIANS!)

Lentz also had an unrepentant homosexual couple leading their “worship” service.  Brian Houston responded to the situation.  Regardless of what he claimed, they still have a huge problem because they are “welcoming” of unrepentant homosexuals coming to their assembly -- and even encourage them!  Need I remind you that the assembly is for believers, that it isn’t even a place to invite unbelievers?  A follow up article has the homosexual couple contradicting Houston’s claims!  Oh what a tangled web Houston weaves.

Hillsong is a cult, plain and simple.

Hillsong had a video in December 2015 showing their production of Silent Night.  It has since been removed and I didn’t record which assembly was responsible, but it was a horrid rendition with immodestly attired women.  Nothing in the production pointed to either God or Christ, and all it did was highlight the performers!

Hillsong is the church of choice for Justin Bieber and Kevin Durant, because that is where a “cool Jesus” would be.  Oh, and don’t forget Selena Gomez also attends Hillsong.  It seems that a lot of entertainment big shots attend Hillsong, probably because they don’t get much condemnation for sin there, but they do get a lot of “worshiptainment.”

In this video, Hillsong is really exposed for the corrupt and apostate group they truly are.  And yet our churches continue to use their songs in worship, giving Hillsong tacit approval and helping to finance them

Hillsong’s makeover and takeover.

Hillsong is seeking to undo the Reformation.

Hillsong, UK, promoted Austin Powers, a sex pervert, at a women’s conference.

Hillsong New York apparently decided to outdo the UK and had a “naked cowboy” at their conference.  It just so happens that this “cowboy” is one of their “pastors!”  Here is some more information about this incident.

Brian Houston claims he had no idea about the "naked cowboy," but it's really no big deal.

While it appears that Hillsong is scrubbing a lot of things from their sites, including the "naked cowboy" incident, in the comment section Carl Lentz denies it.  Evidence seems to prove him wrong.

Selena Gomez recently led the “worship” service at Hillsong Los Angeles.  This is a woman who is known for fornicating and having nude photos on the internet.

Apparently, a qualification for Hillsong youth pastors is to be a “hot model.”

Hillsong London’s Easter Special was totally disgusting.

Hillsong NYC promotes racist “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Hillsong’s Carl Lentz is apparently a universalist.

So if you don’t like Hillsong, you hate God? I’d think it would be the other way around — if you LIKE Hillsong you hate God.  Hillsong teaches heresy and aberrations of all sorts!

It’s a long program, but very enlightening about Hillsong’s heresy in their songs.

When Jen Hatmaker and her husband decided that Scripture is wrong about homosexuality, Hillsong's lead artist is finding the Hatmaker’s teaching on same-sex fake marriage to be “refreshing”!

Hillsong & Worship — a gospel of ambiguity and self-centeredness.

Hillsong worships a different God.

More proof that Hillsong is a cult — they keep “sin files.”

Bethel, Hillsong, and associated false teachers are going to “bring Heaven to Earth.”  Just look at the names of the participants to know who to avoid.

Well, that's it for now, but I will be adding to this collection as time goes by.  Stay tuned.


Steven Kozar said...

Good compilation-thanks Glenn!

Anonymous said...

It saddens my heart that most music ministries in Bible believing churches either do not take the time to do their homework regarding these popular 'c'hurches/groups, or flat out don't care. Ignorance and indifference, neither of which should be traits of a worship leader. It's (near?) impossible to find a church where the music ministry operates as it ought.

I speak up either when the opportunity arises, or in the rare moments when I have the strength to confront the foolishness yet AGAIN. I feel like a broken record when I try to confront error in the assembly. Most of the time I groan, pray, and don't sing. I'm so tired of how obvious the problems are, and yet no one "wants" to see them.