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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Apostasy in the United Methodist Church

A reader of my blog sent me the following in an e-mail.  I received permission to post it (name withheld by request).  

I attend a United Methodist Church in the West Ohio Conference, and the student pastor of my church attends United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.   The Gospel reading for last Sunday was on John 11 (Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead), and so the sermon was based on this.   In the sermon, he mentioned Heidi Baker and that she had increasing connections with his seminary.   This disturbed me, so I decided to look it up.

Sure enough, Heidi Baker is associated with the seminary.  (United is one of two United Methodist seminaries in Ohio, so this isn't some odd seminary.  This is a seminary within a mainline denomination).   She gave the commencement address there in December of 2013.  Her own husband was receiving a doctorate of ministry there.  And he wasn't the only one within the NAR movement.   Randy Clark was also receiving a doctorate of ministry, as were lesser known people in their movement.

Upon further research, I learned that Randy Clark has had a huge impact on the seminary.   Along with Heidi, he's spoken at conferences that were sponsored by the seminary.  He has held conferences in which there is a time of "ministry and impartation."  :(    This is the guy who, when he went to the Toronto Airport Church, he "imparted" the Toronto Blessing to that church..... :(

It really disturbs me that these folks are worming their way into mainline denominations now, getting advanced degrees, and influencing fellow students and professors....people who will be in the pulpits of many mainline denominations (not just United Methodist).  I really feel like people need to be warned about these folks.

Here are some of the links that I found that back up what I'm saying:
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Those who are in UMC assemblies and want to remain true to the faith should leave the UMC and be independent or form another denomination.  The UMC is on a downward spiral towards total apostasy.

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