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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Slowly Recovering From A Trip

I may be back soon with some actual articles!  

Well, I had a short note last week about where I’ve been, but I thought I’d give you a wee bit more information just for fun.

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is my favorite museum, and I have visited there about 50 times since my first trip in 1969 when they were still at their old location at Patterson Field (Wright-Patterson AFB) in Fairborn, Ohio (incidentally, the town where we were married in 1976).  I visited the second time a year later before I went into the Army.  Then in 1971 they moved to a brand new, wonderful building at Wright Field (the other side of the base) and I was able to visit it in March 1972 while on leave from the Army.  My next time was one of my first dates with my wife in 1974.  After I left the Army the end of February 1975 we (always took Jill with me even before we were married) visited it 3-4 times a year (since her home was about 20 minutes from it) until we moved to the Chicago area in 1978.  Then we visited the museum every time we went to visit family (all in that area), which was at least once a year and sometimes twice.  Well, moving to Iowa put us much farther away and we’ve usually only been there every other year.  Our last visit was in September 2014.  (You can take a virtual tour of the airplanes there by looking at my photo collection on Flickr—although I won’t have time to load new photos for quite some time.)

I wanted to go last summer when the museum opened its 4th building (it only had one in 1971) but things just got in the way — apologetics conference in Palatine, IL in the spring, our 40th anniversary trip to Yellowstone in August, and a Country School conference in October.  And too many doctor bills!  So the plan was to go this summer.  Points earned from several motel stays over the past 18 months allowed me to get two nights in Fairborn for $35 a night!

WELL, I learned that they were going to have a program celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the
Doolittle Tokyo Raid. The celebration would be on Monday April 17th and Tuesday April 18th (the actual day of the attack).  There were to be 17 B-25 bombers flying in on Monday morning at 0800 (the type of plane used in the attack), and then the planes would be on static display beginning at 1000.  Then there would be all sorts of ceremonies, with the B-25s departing at 1330 Tuesday and overflying the memorial gardens at 1415, with four coming back around for a “Missing Man” formation.  This would be followed 30 minutes later by two B-1B bombers from Ellsworth AFB, SD making a high speed pass over the memorial gardens (one bomber from each squadron which supplied the B-25s in WWII).  Then we’d head home when they were past.

OH-- and the last surviving crew of the raid was there, 101 yrs old, sitting in a wheel chair and signing autographs!

So we left home at 0700 Sunday (I know, we missed Easter service) and arrived at our motel about 8.5 hrs later.  Since we had information about 1-room schools in the Fairborn area, we hunted out four of them and then met Jill’s stepmother for a couple hours.  Next morning we were at the Museum for the arrivals — only 11 made it: one had a mechanical problem where they parked overnight (Urbana, OH) and couldn’t get it fixed within the window to be at the base, while 5 more were unable to make it due to severe weather between their departure point and the Dayton area.  Spent the day at the museum, of course, and then hunted two more schools in the area.  Tuesday we were at the museum by 0930 and spent too much money at the gift shop.  BUT, we were out waiting for the departures to photograph them taking off, and the flyovers.  We got home right at midnight our time, with over 1000 photos on the camera.

Wednesday I downloaded all the photos and decided to get all the school photos off first, just to get them out of the way.  So I spent a goodly portion of that day (when not getting back-logged chores done, going out on errands and lunch) editing those photos and posting them on our blog of schools in states besides Iowa.  Meanwhile, our kitty was having some issues which needed a vet so we set up an appointment for Thursday.  This led to leaving her there for the day and picking her up late afternoon.

From then on it was catching up on yard work (mowing and weeding) and about every errand you can think of, doctors’ appointments, car repair appointment, trying to find time to edit photos, and just too busy with too many things (including both of our annual dentist visits yesterday)!!  And some daily hassles with health insurance people over mess-ups with coverages and such, with it looking like I’m going to have to spend one heck of a lot more money because I’m being forced to be on Medicare!

WHEW.  And now today is celebrating my 65th birthday!  And then it is band practice this evening.

Anyway, just for fun I’m sharing the arrival and departure photos of the 11 B-25 Mitchell bombers which flew in for the celebration.  They arrived and departed in the same order; some guy kept stepping in front of me when I was shooting departure!.  (I just finished editing all my photos last night!)


Anonymous said...

Glenn, thank you for sharing your trip! The photos are great. My grand son would absolutely love this. We might have to make the trip. His dad is a pilot and our gr son loves all things that fly and move. Our little guy is quite a history buff, too, being nearly 8 yrs old. He can tell me about the Civil War ( when he was small it was 'Silver War'), the Revolutionary War and WW II. Knowing history is important and your article is inspirational to me to want to learn more about those who contributed to the freedom I am privileged to enjoy.

Hope you get the insurance mess straightened out. All this talk about the government supplying ins coverage leaves me frustrated. Where is it mandated that the government should supply healthcare? Oh, I forgot, there are those who want to make the USA a welfare state and make assimilation a dirty word. My thoughts are let the people come, legally, learn to speak and read English, and learn the American way. And don't forget how to think beyond what one hears on TV. Weigh everything to see how it lines up with God's Word. He is, after all, the authority on this earth. Thanks, Kathryn

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Kathryn,

Well, for anyone who likes planes, the Air Force Museum is an outstanding museum to visit. It is the largest of the military aviation museums (the Navy has a great one in Pensacola, the Army a smaller one in Ft. Rucker, the Marines have one in Quantico I think). Of course the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC is a huge museum, but I haven't been there since 1991, before they built the new one at the airport; but it is also a museum of both civilian and military aviation.

My wife and I are both history buffs, with me being that way since about the 5th grade when I learned I shared a birthday with U.S. Grant!

My health insurance issue is that since I now am 65 I am eligible for Medicare. Well, I paid into part A (hospitalization) and get it for free. Even though I just signed up for it this past Tuesday, it retroacts to the 1st. I had 2 doctor visits and 2 blood tests the first two weeks and my insurance now says they can't pay until coordination with Medicare and that I am required by my employer's retirement to have Part B which costs MONEY I really don't have! I have no information which states I'm required to have it (I'm a retired federal employee - 5 yrs Army, 3 1/2 yrs Postal, 30 years Air Traffic Control), was never notified as such so I think my insurance company has wrong information. I'm now waiting to hear from the Office of Personnel Management for the facts. If I have to buy part B, then I will no longer be able to afford my house payment. Obamacare kept my premiums and co-pays skyrocketing. And NO, there is no Constitutional authority for the gov't to force people to have health insurance! I agree with your whole last paragraph!