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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

 United Methodist Agencies Back Homosexual Scoutmasters

The United Methodist Church just can’t seem to mind their own business as they continue to aid and abet homosexuality, in direct opposition to God.  The following is an e-mail I received from Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

You probably have already read that the Boy Scouts, under pressure from corporate sponsors themselves pressured by liberal groups, are next week reconsidering their longtime ban on homosexual Scoutmasters. 

Sadly, both the United Methodist Board of Church and Society and the Commission on United Methodist Men are backing this shift in Boy Scout policy. No surprise from the lobby office, but United Methodist Men previously defended the Boy Scout policy. These two church agencies issued recent news releases to ensure their views were widely known. The Associated Press accordingly reported that The United Methodist Church is backing homosexual Scoutmasters, even though only the General Conference speaks for our church, and General Conference has never endorsed homosexual Scoutmasters.   

These United Methodist officials cite our church policies against "discrimination" without noting that our church also prohibits actively homosexual clergy and disapproves of homosexual behavior. Our church bureaucrats are often selective in the church teachings they choose to acknowledge. (In a later statement, United Methodist Men emphasized the new proposed Scout policy would let local sponsoring churches decide their own standard.)

United Methodist congregations are among the largest sponsors of Boy Scouts. If you disagree with how United Methodist agencies are representing our church on this issue, contact the Boy Scouts directly with your views: Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive, at 972-580-2004, 972-580-2000, or by email at Wayne.Brock@Scouting.org.  

Some day United Methodism will have church officials in the U.S. who will publicly defend our church's biblical beliefs. Until then, let's pray and work for a more accountable church bureaucracy. 

If the UMC stands for God in the homosexual debate, then they should exercise church discipline against the leaders of these UMC organizations.  However, history has shown this will most likely not happen.


Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

The United Methodist Church (as a denomination) has been on the wrong side of every issue for years. It does NOT represent a biblical view of Christianity in doctrine nor practice. Their position regarding the Boy Scouts of America is not a shock.

ali said...

The UMC has been left leaning for some time.

Now it appears they have completely lost their balance, tipped over, fallen backward and lie in the sewer pit of a nation filled with tolerant and liberal thinkers.

Joe said...

It is a great shame, because there was a time when the UMC was more-or-less Biblical in their approach to the Christian faith.

I am a Southern Baptist, but do not view SBs as having a doctrinal stance but as a method of promoting missions cooperatively among churches.

(By the way, Glenn, I have started posting on my Christian oriented blog again and would appreciate any comments and/or evaluations you might have regarding my posts.)