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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Mormon Definition of Christian

Back in November I wrote an article about how Mormons don’t consider the rest of Christians to truly be Christians, no matter how much they might want to deny this fact.  Well, yesterday I received a bimonthly newsletter from Mormonism Research Ministry with a very interesting article about Mormon understanding as to what identifies a Christian.

The article was about a conference message delivered in October 2012 by Mormon Apostle Robert D. Hales, where he identified what defines a Christian.  Here are his points as cited by the MRM newsletter:

A Christian has faith in Jesus Christ, “that He is the literal Son of God.”

A Christian is baptized “by those holding His priesthood authority.”

A Christian knows that Jesus “accompanied by Heavenly Father, appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith in the year 1820 and restored the gospel and the organization of His original church.”

A Christian knows “that God, our Heavenly Father, has a glorified and perfected body of flesh and bone, Jesus Christ is His Only Begotten Son in the flesh.”

A Christian knows that “the God-head is three separate and distinct beings, unified in purpose.”

Well, since no true Christian would accept any of the above, and the only people who would agree with the statements are Mormons, then this is just another example as to the fact that Mormons do not accept non-Mormons as Christians!  And yet they want us to accept them?!?


Sarah said...

Is this testimony accurate of what it's like in the Mormon cult?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

It most certainly is. Everything I post on Mormons, and there are quite a few posts (see the label list on the right, and select "Latter-Day Saints"), is accurate.

fred said...

I find the author to be misleading in his backup reference. The article referenced was about what we believe being a better Christian involves, not,like he implies, what makes a basic Christian.

Read it for yourself, it is freely avabile at at www.lds.org.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Okay Fred, Let's go with your claim that the items noted are not what makes a Christian, but instead are how to be a better Christian.

What is the difference? No real Christian accepts that Jesus is the literal son of God via sexual relations. No real Christian can live a better Christian life by being baptized by those holding priesthood authority because real Christians accept the Biblical truth that we are all priests in Christ and that there is no such thing as a Biblical "Priesthood authority" for baptism.

A real Christian doesn't live a better Christian life by "knowing" such claims about Joseph Smith because that would be living a life of a lie.

A real Christian doesn't live a better Christian life by "knowing" that your false god is of flesh and bone and that Jesus was born as the result of sexual relations between "Heavenly Father" and his spiritual daughter Mary.

NOTHING changes in the argument of this article whether it is defining what a Christian is or what being a better Christian involves. You are still defining what a Christian is - and it is all a lie.