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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Random Apostasies and Heresies

So many false teachings, so little time.

Christmas has been a traditional day to celebrate the day Christ was born.  Of course we know that most like isn’t the day (although it could be close to when he was conceived), and we know lots of pagan traditions have been added to it, and, yes, Santa is all about materialism and greed.  But MOST true believers only see it as a day to worship the Lord and celebrate the fact that he took on humanity. 

The point is, if a church assembly is going to celebrate Christmas, the purpose should be to worship and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ah, but apostate “seeker-sensitive” types just find it as another venue for entertaining the goats.  I’m sure I’ll be coming across many examples over the next week, but for now I have to tell you about the ones found this week.

First up, Grace Community Church of Shreveport, LA (a UMC assembly): they are offering a “Blue Christmas Service.”  As cited by Christian Research Network, KTBS News reported that “The service will allow worshippers to acknowledge feelings of grief, sadness, loss, anxiety or despair in the face what is supposed to be a season of joy, energy, eager anticipation and delight.  The service will also feature blues music, candlelight sermon by Rev. Roger Templeton and options for prayer and counseling.”
Ah, yes, another service focussing on self - worship of self instead of the Lord.

I can hardly wait to see what is on store this coming week.

Christianity Today (or, should I say, “Christianity Astray”?) has given credence to more false teachings by publishing an interview with Mary Neal about her “visit” to heaven.  These books about visits to heaven are selling like hot-cakes, and it seems to be an easy way to make a buck, no matter how unbiblical the claims are.  Make some claims of visiting heaven (or hell) and the apostate “Christian” bookstores will be the first to sell them, and gullible, non-discerning Christians will be the first to buy them.

Hollywood seems to be having a field day with “Christians” who want their day in the spotlight.  First there was the program (The Sisterhood) about pastors’ wives and how they really live (the last I read about it only apostate denominations were represented).  Now we have a show about Preachers’ Daughters,” a supposed “behind-the-scenes look into the lives of teenagers whose fathers are Christian ministers...”  I just want to know what sort of “pastor” would subject his family to this type of Hollywood “reality”?

Another assault on Christian values comes in the form of fashions.  There is now a clothing company, founded by three women, creating provocative attire for Christian girls.  Shouldn’t Christian girls and women be more interested in modest attire instead of being “‘Playful for Jesus”? Of course one of the T-shirt titles plays on the “Jesus is my boyfriend” ideology with a shirt that says, “A Date with JC.”  And of course this fashion trend must be okay because they say God gave them the talents to do this - and they are, after all, part of their church’s worship crew.

Speaking of needing to be in the limelight, Rick Warren had to tell everyone that he counseled Chelsea Clinton on his “The Daniel Plan.”  The plan itself has been the subject of many apologetics ministries who have exposed problems with it.  But aside from the problems of the “Plan” itself, should Christian counselors be broadcasting who comes to see them?

Okay, I need to break for a few moments and head off into cult-land and the Mormon church.  The Mormons in Utah have done much to prevent anyone from doing Christian ministry near their temples or tabernacle; after all, they don’t want anyone exposing their false teachings.  I received a mailing yesterday from Mormonism Research Ministry describing another example of the fear Mormons have for the truth.  “After breaking ground for the temple, Brigham City had passed an ordinance...allowing the city to arbitrarily label as ‘protestors’ any individual or group that distributed literature in their city.”  The article went on to describe the rules required for permits to distribute material whether or not a protest was involved.  The whole point of the law, of course, was to prevent Christians from passing out literature exposing the fraud of Mormonism.  With all the restrictions placed on the MRM missionaries to the Mormons, they ended up getting the ACLU involved and a lawsuit was filed which allowed them to practice their Constitutional freedoms.  The good news about this is that the publicity enabled them to hand out about five times as much literature as normal!  Mormons have never, ever been in favor of free speech.

Janis Hutchinson had an article about a claimed 1886 resurrection appearance of Joseph Smith, which was something I had never heard before.  Very detailed article which demonstrates the claims were fraudulent (like all other LDS claims, of course).  It’s a long article, but the last half has some really good information about Smith and the “translation” of the Book of Mormon, the witnesses, First Vision, etc.  Good primer for those who aren’t familiar with the LDS.

Okay, we can leave cult-land now and look at more weird stuff in the world of supposed Christianity.

I learned this week about a board game which has been out for at least a year without me ever having seen anything about it.  This is surprising because it is Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now” game!  Tim Challies has an excellent review of this game, [link gone by 12/16/15] demonstrating the totally un-Christian and un-Biblical nature of it.  I also found an excellent 10-minute video exposing how bad this game is.  Well, coming from Osteen, what can one expect?

I believe I have reported previously about a “stylish” baptism.  What I didn’t know before was that the lady who developed this is Joel Osteen’s sister!  Wretched TV has an excellent video contrasting the frivolous, self-centered “baptism” with a baptism in Russia in which people are serious enough about their faith to be baptized in some extreme and non-stylish conditions.

In the news this week is another “Bible” which promotes homosexuality.  The claim is that it is the first pro-homosexual Bible, but that isn’t true; I reported on the “Gay and Lesbian Bible” five years ago [deleted due to missing link].  This new one is called the “Queen James Bible,” and all it does is “correct” the passages in the KJV to be “gay friendly.”  Lest you think this is satire, Apprising Ministries has demonstrated that this is a serious assault on the Word of God.

Can you imagine the impact the Church would have for Christ if they spent more time teaching the Word of God and less time entertaining the goats while trying to be “relevant” with the world?

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Brenda said...

Thanks, Glen, for researching and posting on the growing apostasy in the Church. And for including links. Where oh where is the preaching of Christ and Him crucified?! (1 Cor 2:2) Please know that I'm praying for you & your fellow watchmen (for strength to persevere) and for undiscerning Christians (that they would return to their Bibles, the only source of real Truth). God Bless and keep you strong, ~Brenda