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Therefore let God-inspired Scripture decide between us; and on whichever side be found doctrines in harmony with the word of God, in favor of that side will be cast the vote of truth. --Basil of Caesarea
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Apostasies and Heresies

Where oh where to begin!  It is really saddening to see the current state of the Church, running rife with such apostasy and heresy, as well as just plain bad teaching.  And yet these things are often so subtle that the average person doesn’t recognized the problems, which is why apologetics ministries are so vital to the health of the church.  These things must be exposed for what they are so that, hopefully, those who are sucked into such teachings will be alerted to leave them.
The big discussion on many apologetics sites this week has been fallout from the happenings at “Elephant Room 2.”  The problem was the invitation of T.D. Jakes to partake, and T.D. Jakes is a well-known Word of Faith teacher and modalist, which is considered heresy.  James MacDonald, who used to be quite fundamental, has defended Jakes, which has caused even more of a stir. Then Voddie Baucham declined an invitation to speak at ER2 because of T.D. Jakes being there. I am going to give you several links on the subject so you can understand exactly what has been happening.  I think this is something Christians should be aware of.
Pastor Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries posted a commentary in which he includes a “Twitter mini-commentary” by Dr. James White.  Apprising Ministries also has an excellent post demonstrating other problems with T.D. Jakes besides his modalism.
Then we have a thoughtful commentary by Prof. Denny Burke of Boyce College.
Voddie Baucham gives his testimony [link gone by 5/12/14] about his invitation to speak at ER2, and his declining to do so after learning of T.D. Jakes being there, and the ramifications with James MacDonald which followed.  Baucham should be praised for his stance for truth.
In an interview with Dr. James White, Bauchman nails those who are attacking ER2’s critics as being cult-like, and I think he hit the nail on the head!
Finally, today’s “the Cripplegate” blog has a great article summing up much of the events surrounding the ER2 controversy.  If you read just one, make it this one.
On a humorous, yet serious note, an ex-Gothardite wrote a good illustration of how legalism affects people.  “A Legalist Goes Shopping” is a must-read.
In the same realm of spiritual abuse as Bill Gothard’s organization, we find Gwen Shamblin’s heretical “Remnant Fellowship.”  You may remember Gwen from the Weigh Down Diet, and workshops which popped up in churches.  Cindy at “Under Much Grace” has a good article comparing the two, as well as exposing Gwen’s false teachings and consequences of following them, especially in regards to raising children.

Speaking of legalistic religious systems, Google is having a devastating effect on the Mormon church.  They’ve never had so many people leaving the church as is happening now, due to people learning the truth about the LDS which the Mormons would rather keep hidden!  This interesting article [link dead by 12/14/16] about the subject comes from the U.K.
Continuing with false and legalistic movements, a movement I had heard of long ago is called “The Way,” founded by a man named William Irvine.  I guess the group itself refuses to publish exactly what it is they teach, so Kathleen Lewis wrote the book, “The Church Without a Name” to expose them for the cult that they are.  I have skimmed over much of the on-line version of this book, and have ordered hard copy.  You may find this group interesting to examine.  A friend pointed me to this site [link gone by 12/14/16] because a relative of his died this week, and was a member.

Shocking news about Wycliffe Bible Translators, who have removed the words “Father” and “Son” and “son of God” from new Bibles so as not to offend Muslims.  Two other publishers, Summer Institute of Linguistics and Frontiers, are also participating in this travesty.  The name of Christ is also offensive around the world -  should we remove it from Scripture?!?!
Benny Hinn’s antics draw thousands of people who have little to no discernment.  He is about as heretical as a teacher can get, and yet he is able to take his theatrics around the world.  Well, now a lady is suing because she was injured after being struck by someone who was “slain in the spirit.”  She is suing the church who hosted the arch-heretic Hinn.  At “the Cripplegate,” Nathan Busenitz reports on this incident, and then takes the opportunity to explain the unbiblical nature of the “slain in the spirit” practice.
The Word of Faith cult gets more bizarre every day.  “Bishop” Eddie Long has been crowned as a king.  A good report by Apprising Ministries includes a video with T.D. Jakes preaching WOF theology, but the video of Eddie Long’s coronation is the one you really have to see.  Where in the world is the discernment with these people attending such performances?!?!
One common practice with all false teachers is what Herescope reports this week: Narcigesis.  It’s a term I can come to like!
Finally, Janis Hutchinson has a really good, short article about “How to Confirm What You Believe.”  A good way to avoid false teachings.


Cristofer Urlaub said...

I would actually be interested in reading your review of Pagan Christianity. Maybe you could post it in sections?

Bobby Gilpin said...

Hi Glenn thanks for linking to my blog, from the guy in the UK :)

Anonymous said...

I have e-mailed you before regarding a false teacher called Elijah Thomas Chacko, perhaps you remember. We live in Northern Ireland. I'm writing today because you commended Voddie Baucham for his stand for truth.

This puzzled me as Mr. Baucham is associated with the Patriarchy movement, along with men like Scott Brown and Doug Phillips, and they have father-daughter retreats which are very similar to the purity balls, about which you wrote recently.

Mr. Baucham declined to appear on the Elephant Room because of the presence to T.D. Jakes (I know very little about him), however Mr. Baucham did not mention the fact that he was troubled by Mark Driscoll being both speaker and a moderator on said E.R. But then, how could he, as he serves with the vile wolf in sheep's clothing, Mark Driscoll, on the Gospel Coalition.

I e-mailed Voddie Baucham about the Gospel Coalition at the end of December. To date, I have received no response.

From Susan-Anne White (Mrs.) in County Tyrone.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I've been thinking about doing so. I might just yet. Right now it is still in the form of a letter to my friend - actually, I e-mailed it to him after I wrote it up, so that's why it's still on file.

Ephesians2 posted that article from your site, which is how I found you. I am now following your site. Looks good!

Thanks much for that info about Voddie. I had never heard of him before this ER2 nonsense. Sounds like someone to avoid. I am also familiar with the father-daughter thing and reported on it on 1/14/ in one of my "Random" posts. Downright perverted with what I watched on a series of videos.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I came across an interesting article which explains what a fraud that crowning of Eddie Long was. The whole story about the Torah, etc was all fraudulent: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-wil-gafney-phd/a-biblical-scholar-rebuts-claims-eddie-long-coronation-video_b_1249602.html?ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false

Anonymous said...

Any updates on your % of the religious meetings today who have fallen away? When you conversed with me some time ago I was at 95% and you responded you didn't know but used the number 80%... Now that you see guys like Piper, and organizations like Wycliff Bible Translators, have you moved down or up in your %?
I do appreciate you brother, and there ain't a thing you can do about it! :) By the way, your wife is a real gem too! You are as blessed as I am to have a proverbs bride! Here is a blessing for you both, which is much better then a silly old football game tonight!

Clint Baker said...

Keep up the good work Glenn!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 2/5,

I still don't think we can put an specific % figure on it, but I'm more and more disheartened by the day as I see even ministries like Wycliffe corrupted.

Thank you for your kind words - yes, my Jilly is a real gem. I was truly blessed when I found her 37 years ago.

As for your link, I can't sit at a computer listening to stuff that long! I never heard of him before; I listened for about 15 minutes - he was interesting but that style of music isn't my cup of tea. Not to worry - I don't do football either!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Thank you. I just to do as I feel led by the Lord. It keeps me on my toes!!

Lois said...

Glenn, I do so enjoy your blog,and I only wish I had time to read all of these articles. I will have to explore the Elephant Room thing. Mrs. Susan White already mentioned Voddie Bacham, and I'm glad, because I have explored the patriarchy/family integrated church movement extensively. Check out his "What He Must Be" book, subtitled "to marry my daughter." Adult daughters are under the authority of their daddies until there is a man "worthy" of their hand.

Another thing, I have supported a missionary family with Frontiers for more than 20 years. I asked them about what I'd heard about Frontiers and Wycliffe Bible translations. Rest assured, the field missionaries are NOT watering down the Bible. I can't go into enough detail here, but just know that the public face is not always what is really going on in the mission field.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Lois,

Thanks for that information about the book. I’ll have to check up on it. As for Wycliffe, they are doing lots of back-peddling right now. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Anonymous said...

How do you differentiate between a true and false teacher?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Anonymous 11/29/17

A false teacher is one who continually, repeatedly teaches falsely about what the Bible say. Just about every teacher out there has some teaching that may be false or a wee bit off here and there, but one who consistently teaches error must be labeled a false teacher.