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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Did They Really Say That?

Today my wife and I went shopping at an antiques store in Mt. Vernon.  As we came out of the store and headed up the sidewalk towards where our car was parked, we noticed two Mormon missionaries walking towards us.  Before we got within 20 feet of them they began talking to us so we stopped and listened for a couple minutes as they began their presentation.  I interrupted and told them I was an ex-Mormon, so they asked what led me to leave.  Our conversation continued for several minutes, during which I pointed out that their Christ was not the Christ of the Bible, which was a main reason for my researching their faith leading to my departure.  I mentioned the Adam-God doctrine of Brigham Young’s, and said it was one of the doctrines the LDS discounts.  I stated that Brigham Young was a prophet of God and stated he received that doctrine from God and yet the LDS now denies it as true.  For the first time ever, I heard a new defense for why this doctrine is wrong.
Wait for it...................
“Brigham Young misunderstood God!”
Yes, that’s what they said!!!!!  Can you imagine a biblical prophet being excused that way?!
The one young man said he knows the Book of Mormon is true because God told him.  Again, this was a new tact I’ve never heard.  So I asked, “Did God actually speak to you?”  “Yes,” he said.  “You actually heard his audible voice?” I asked.  “He spoke to my heart,” he said.  “AH!,” I said, “Have you not read Jeremiah 17:9 where he says the heart is deceitful?”  “But it was God who spoke to me,” he replied.
Well, I suggested there were many problems which he should investigate, such as at least 50 false prophecies by Joseph Smith, grave problems with the Book of Mormon (beginning with the Reformed Egyptian being translated in 1828-29 coming out exactly like KJV 1611 English translating Hebrew & Greek, including the italicized words), the differences in the LDS god and Jesus vs those of the Bible, no historical evidence, no archaeological evidence, etc.  I even handed him a business card for my ministry and suggested he review my blog articles.  He took the card, but then got close to me and said in a fairly loud, stern voice, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to be silent!”  I simply stated, “You invoke the wrong Christ” and continued by stating that DNA has proven that Indians are not of Jewish origin.  He looked sort of stunned when I did not become silent at his command.  His partner then laughed at me and said they had to go.
So, is this the new thing? Claim Brigham Young misunderstood God, claim God spoke to them (rather than the burning in the bosom) and command you to be silent?
I did tell them that if they were wrong, they had no second chance.  It was really very sad to see these young people so deceived. 


Committed Christian said...

So even Mormons claim direct revelation from God. So I guess it is believe what you want to believe for them. It is sad to say the least.

Diane1611 said...

Hi Glenn! Those were great arguments you gave those young men. I hope they think about what you told them.

The town in which we live has a Santa Claus parade on the day after Thanksgiving every year. This year's parade had the Mormons in it for the first time. They had a float with a live Nativity scene on it. Right idea, wrong Jesus.

072591 said...

"... but then got close to me and said in a fairly loud, stern voice, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to be silent!” "

Wow. That response he did is something ... 'special'. But it makes me wonder if I can try doing that when someone tells me something I don't like.

"Do you know why I pulled you over today?"
"Officer, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to be silent"

On a serious note, it reminds me of a cliche I read: if you're not getting flack, you're not over the target.

*Chris* said...

My husband is an ex-mormon and his family is still practicing. We have gone head to head a couple times and they are so mislead and decieved. My husband accepted Christ 5 years ago adn has never looked back. I love your blog posts, never knew you were an ex-mormon as well. Those missionaires you ran into in Mt. Vernon were probably his family members:) They live up there. thanks for sharing, I will share this with my husband.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hi Chris,

I wrote most of my testimony quite a while back, which mentions my two year stint as a Mormon: http://watchmansbagpipes.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-church-experience.html

I am often dismissed by Mormons who claim I was not really a Mormon, but the fact remains that the LDS was my first real religious experience, and when I took to the faith it was full throttle. I read my BOM daily, studied the POGP and D&C and went to church as often as possible (being in the Army and not having a Mormon church on post, I was at the whim of someone giving me a ride). But after studying the LDS faith for over 35 years, I find I know more about their teachings than 90% of Mormons do!

If you look along side the blog at the "labels" you will see one for "Mormonsim" - you might find some stuff helpful for reaching family members. I am also available via e-mail for help in that area.

I have a special heart for the Mormons because of my experience, which is why most of my effort is still spent on learning more about reaching them.

Thanks for stopping by.

ali said...

It would appear mormons have become more vocal, more bold recently, perhaps due to the popularity of Glenn Beck and presidential candidate Romney.

What an awesome God we serve, to place you in the right place at the right time to share truth with those that are lost - no coincidences with God.!!.

'some plant, others water, but it is God Who brings the increase.'

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Wow, he even yelled at you to be silent. It is so sad that the Mormons are so vastly misled. I bet they were sorry they walked up to you after that, but maybe they will learn from what you said and do some research.