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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random Apostasies and Heresies

This article was edited on 5/3/14 to remove a paragraph with a dead link.

More stuff in Satan’s web of deceit this week.
Robert Schuller has from the beginning of his “ministry” preached heresy, and with the doctrine he has taught I think it is safe to say he is not a Christian, but rather a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  There has been a lot about his Crystal Cathedral over the past few months, with the bankruptcy.  Then there is his daughter’s stance against him and his pro-homosexual beliefs.  Well, there is a very good article about Schuller and his greed on top of his false teachings here, which I highly recommend for your perusal.
The Romanist worship - yes it is worship - of Mary is brought home again by the Pope’s claim that we will always have a spiritual mother in Mary.  Where DO they find this unbiblical nonsense?!?!

I’ve previously mentioned apostasy entering the Nazarene denomination, and this week there is another example.  Professor Karl W. Giberson, of the Eastern Nazarene College, is involved with the heretical and aberrational group BioLogos, promoting the unbiblical and unscientific view of theistic evolution.  This professor claims Jesus would believe in evolution!  He also dismisses Genesis as no more than a fable.  Albert Mohler has an excellent article about this professor throwing the Bible under the bus.

For more wolves in sheep’s clothing, we have a “pastor” in South Carolina who uses scatology to advertise his sermons.  Slaughter of the Sheep blog has a post exposing this nonsense.

Another wolf I haven’t reported on previously, but keep seeing his name come up frequently, is Tim Keller.  Keller seems to be getting very liberal in his teachings and several ministries have been reporting on him.  I will direct you to just this one over at “Do Not Be Surprised....” 
Then there is master emergent heretic Brian McLaren.  Ken Ham has an excellent article about McLaren’s hermeneutic being evolutionary.  Short blog, but worth the read for more insight into McLaren’s problems.
The PCUSA denomination never ceases to amaze me with their continuing slide into apostasy.  The Wasatch Presbyterian Church in Utah has decided that the antics of goatherd Terry Jones and his burning of the Qur’an need to be made up for, so they are giving away free copies of the Qur’an!  Since they are in Utah, why don’t they give away free copies of the Book of Mormon while they are at it!  Or perhaps they could hand out Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  Let’s just throw more poison into the pot.
Lastly, since this is “Easter” weekend, EBenz has a post which should disturb you as it did me.  She has gathered information about many goatherds and their Easter celebrations at their churches.  I think the worst one is World Harvest Church, which is giving away a car and a host of other gifts in an attempt to draw unbelievers.  All these churches are pulling out the stops to bring unbelievers in to a service which the Bible says is to be reserved for the brethren!
Yep; more and more are being caught in Satan’s web of worldliness.

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4simpsons said...

Schuller was always creepy and it is so disappointing that he was held out as some mainstream Christian preacher.