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Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random Apostasies and Heresies

This article was edited 5/2/14 to remove items with dead links.

This installment of “Random” things will demonstrate that the Church desperately needs the prayer of real Christians.  And cleansing by real Christians as well!
First up, one of the best web sites for demonstrating some real apostate things in the church, “The Museum of Idolatry” has an article about a “pastor” with a “motorcycle jumping ministry.”  Yes, this “pastor” seems to think what the church needs is some entertainment.  Can you imaging St. Paul riding a chariot through fire as a “witnessing event”?

This one is followed up by an article about a church having a sermon series about “Safe sex”.  The postcard for this event has an advertisement for their Easter egg hunt!  This particular assembly calls itself the “Church on the Journey”; apparently their journey is to see how apostate they can get.
As if the Roman Catholic Church isn’t apostate enough, they have a retreat center in West Hartford, CT which offers teachings on Zen, Yoga and Labyrinth - all part of “diversity.”  With all the other false teachings of the Romanist church, I guess mixing in Eastern religious beliefs is just another step in walking away from the teachings of Christ.

Mike Bickle has always been on my list to expose as a false teacher and part of the IHOP heresy, so here is my first alert about him; I came across this article by the Christian Research Institute which should demonstrate why Bickle is a teacher to avoid.
Then there is the Qur’an burning “pastor” Terry Jones.  While as a citizen of the USA it is his right to burn this book, however, as a citizen of heaven it is a very un-Christlike action.  I can see nothing but publicity-seeking grandstanding in this behavior.  He knew from previous threats that this would result in Muslim retribution, and yet he threw acid in the face of Islam anyway. Albert Mohler has a very good analysis of Jones and his actions.
Last, but not least, is a very liberal woman “pastor” from an ELCA (of course) church in Renton, WA who is a bartender.  Seriously, this is a ministry of her church. “The idea is to provide a caring gathering place where people can share chardonnay and gripes.”  I can’t imagine Jesus or any of the apostles calling this a ministry, but in today’s liberal churches anything to tickle the ears with worldly entertainment is considered a ministry.
Come, Lord Jesus!


4simpsons said...

That is a sadly thorough list! I yearn for churches that have enough faith in God to hold the same view that He does about the Bible -- and then actually study it carefully. Then they would see the truth, advance his kingdom and give him glory.

Mark said...

Since moving to Virginia, I have been attending a church that is rigidly fundamentalist. They even conduct ceremonial feet washing about 4 times a year. In Maryland, I attended a church that would not recognize any other bible but the King James' version.

Neither of these churches offer any apologies for teaching and preaching the Bible. They don't go after the heathen by being heathen themselves.

The more I read about these apostate churches, the more I am glad the true churches exist.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

There is a difference between being fundamental and being staunchly legalistic. I would say a legalistic church is just as harmful to the faith as a liberal one, just in a different way.

I would never go to a KJV Only church, because they make the KJV out to be the only "real" Bible. I attended on with a friend once and they virtually worshiped it, and vilified anyone using any other version. I have found some of the most "rigidly fundamentalist" churches to be more legalistic than "fundamental," because the fundamentals aren't legalistic.

But I understand what you mean about good fundamental churches - I go to one! We don't play with the world.

Dan said...

Were those burning Qur'ans? Now that would cause some smoke!