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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Apostasy Gets Weirder Every Day.

Thanks to Crosstalk Blog, I looked up an article in the November 23rd edition of the Seattle Times newspaper. This article is a report on Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek, WA.

It seems this so-called church is led by goat-herders instead of pastors. As reported by the Seattle times, “booming 20-minute rock sets launch the regular sermons.” The church is in a “drive to stay relevant,” whatever that is. Relevant to what? Secularizing the church? Blaspheming God? Teaching a false gospel? Because that is what happens at that church.

This particular report is about tattooing taking place in church!! This was obviously not a one-time event, but apparently a part of a series called “Permanent Ink,” which features live tattooing. And yet the goat-herd leader of this church claims, “We’ve said from the start that we are not advocating tattoos - nor discouraging them.” Let me get this straight; you are having tattoos done in church during sermons, and using this activity as so-called object lessons, and yet you aren’t advocating them?!?!?!

Another goat-herder in that church justifies tattooing because the Bible tells us that there were “markings on Jesus, saying he is the king of kings and lord of lords.” I’ve looked at a few commentaries about this passage (Rev. 19:16) and two interesting explanations: (1) The word translated “thigh” was possibly a scribal error of one letter, which would have made it “banner” and (2) the word is on clothing that covers his thigh underneath the robe he is wearing. Nevertheless, no matter what one understands of this passage, it certainly isn’t a tattoo!

Two main questions I have about this “worship” service:

First: What does tattooing people have to do with gathering for the worship of God, fellowship of the believers and edification of the saints? Where is the focus - on God or self? Is tattooing in front of the church a proper object lesson? Should the church be dropping to the basest levels just to stay “relevant”?

Second: Is tattooing a proper thing for Christians to be doing? Does the virtually permanent defacement of the human body give proper respect to the image of God?

The church has always been “relevant” in that the church has pointed out that all are sinners and in need of a savior. This message is just as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. Our culture has nothing new over previous cultures which requires entertainment of various methods to reach people for Christ. If you reach people with entertainment or fads, then that is what you reach them to. They will take in as much spiritual junk food as we feed them. And they will be just as lost as we found them.

We need to reclaim the Church for Christ, and lead people away from goat-herders to shepherds.

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Ron Livesay said...

Wellsaid, Glenn. Gimics only draw in those who are interested in the gimics, and gimics never replace the work of the Holy Spirit.