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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Confessing Into Apostasy

This week I read a commentary by Paul Edwards titled, “The New Confessing Church.” This article gives an example of how the church is taking another leap towards apostasy.

It seems more and more churches are taking up the banner of apologizing for everything and confessing the “sins” of the Church. A problem that I have with this nonsense is that the Church has not sinned. People sin, but the Christian Church as an institution founded by Christ has not sinned.

Kensington Community Church in the Detroit area is one of the subjects of this commentary. From the description in the article, Kensington is “a seeker megachurch.” That description says a lot! Seeker-sensitive assemblies are all about making people feel good and not getting too deep into doctrinal standards, while maintaining an entertainment-oriented focus in their services. Kensington’s home page shows they are also a program-oriented church, and they even offer “Christ-centered Yoga,” which itself is an oxymoron. (Just how does one have “Christ-centered” Hinduism?) Much of their site discusses how church is all about having fun.

Kensington is now teaching a series of lessons under the title, “Confessions of a Sinful Church.” While I couldn’t find any real information on their site, Edwards linked to a blog that lists the following sessions:

October 19: "We're Sorry for Being Self-Righteous Hypocrites."

October 26: "We're Sorry for Judging You"

November 2: "We're Sorry for Being Too Political"

November 9: "We're Sorry for Despising Homosexuality"

November 16: "We're Sorry for Caring Only About Converting You"

November 23: "We're Not Sorry for Following Jesus"

Edwards mentions a couple of other churches doing this sort of thing:

Rolling Hills Community Church in Danville, CA. Earlier this year they confessed sins of self-righteousness, hypocrisy, support of racial segregation, mistreatment of homosexuals, fighting crusades and claiming that the earth is flat.

Tillman Road Church of God in Ft. Wayne, IN. Last month they began a series confessing hypocrisy, being anti-homosexual, being judgmental, being too focused on getting converts and being too political.

Did you notice the commonality with subject matter? It seems that whatever the unbelieving world wants to attack Christians about, we now have confessions of sin in that area. How much of this stuff is nothing more than trying to get the world’s approval rather than following the Word of God?

If in some rare event an entire assembly was committing a sin, it would be as a result of leadership failing in their job, and the leadership should be doing the confessing, as well as any member who has participated in a particular sin. However, how can a church in California confess the sins of claiming the earth is flat (that was a sin?) and of the Crusades?

(And while I’m talking about the Crusades, I’m finding more and more people accepting the liberal revisionist history about them. The Crusades were important in stopping the advance of Islam, and I hope most intelligent people are glad they are not under Islamic rule!)

I would certainly hope every Christian assembly teaches God’s word about homosexual behavior, and are focused on getting converts! The rest of these “sins” being confessed are all subjective ideas about what is or isn’t correct; do we have examples of being “judgmental” or of “being too political,” or even “hypocritical”?

How many more assemblies across the nation are into this self-flagellation? If your church starts this apostasy, I recommend you try to get it stopped. If you are unable to do so, then run, don’t walk, out the doors and shake the dust off your feet!


razzledazzle said...

eeeeh, i have mixed feelings about this. I used to be a part of a ministry of young people (who the pastor was 25 years old and very adamant about breaking off and starting a church of his own)... and I think right before I left they started doing things like this. Something in me didnt feel right, and I couldnt put my finger on it until I read this. It was obviously a confession for the approval of man rather than an genuine confession to God.

"Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ." Galations... er... chapter 1 i think.

Repentance starts with the individual. And is privitely between you, and God.

Anyways, thanks for the post!


Jason said...

Dude first you have to hear the message they aren't apologizing for thinking homosexuality is wrong. They are apologizing for not treating the homosexual community with love.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Perhaps you should read a bit more closely: if that was all it was, there would be no problem.

Part of the problem is the claim that if you say homosexuality is a sin, you are therefore a "self-righteous hypocrite."

There is nothing wrong, and it is even biblically proper to judge homosexual behavior to be a sin, and to speak of it as such; so to say one is sorry for judging homosexual behavior is just plain wrong!

What do they mean by being "too political"?

How can a Christian be "Sorry for despising homosexuality"? GOD despises it!

Our primary concern for ALL sinners should be converting them to Christianity - anything else leaves them hell-bound.

And just how do they NOT follow Jesus by condemning homosexual behavior? Jesus condemned it Himself as God.