We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum. A.W. Tozer

Once you learn to discern, there's no going back. You will begin to spot the lie everywhere it appears.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Church of England

I’ve previously had articles dealing with the U.S. branch known as the Episcopal Church (2/1/08, 2/5/08), which is about as liberal of a denomination as one can find, but I’ve never specifically mentioned the Church of England as such except as a comment in these articles.

The Church of England has become more and more apostate and very liberal in all their theology for years. I have a file folder that is fairly thick with both the English and the American branches. Homosexual behavior is supported almost enthusiastically by these churches, and in the American branch we have the arch-heretic Bishop John Spong who has never been censured by the church (at least not to my knowledge). In the Church of England we have the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams who endorses corrupt Bible versions (As Good As New and the Manga Bible) and is an evolutionist who says non-Christians can go to heaven. And of course there is the Bishop of Oxford who claimed that Christian creationists “harm religion” and that Christians should accept evolution, because evolution, “far from undermining faith, deepens it.” Oh, and let us not forget that Church of England leaders claim that calling God “He” or “Lord” encourages wife-beating!

Anyway, here we go again with something goofy from the Anglican Church. It seems that Nick Baines, Bishop of Croydon, wants churches to use hits by bands such as the Beatles in their worship services so as to reach the “younger generation.” Of course his book, Finding Faith, has the backing of Rowan Williams.

Baines says, “They are able to open our imagination to a way of thinking about God that we’ve become deaf to in church language.” He also says, “Songs get more into the soul than simply reading an ancient book.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see using songs from a group whose spirituality consisted mainly of Eastern religious beliefs or none at all, let alone the whole drug culture of which they sang (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, e.g.)

Well, I am more of the opinion that we need to reach the “younger generation” the same way every generation has been reached - with the truth of the Gospel that saves. We don’t need to rely on music that builds up emotional responses that are fleeting, rather we need to rely on the Word of God.


Marie said...

Hey Glenn!

I hadn't heard of this latest nonsense, but it doesn't surprise me. Ditto the observation about the Beatles using Eastern religions....yeah, they were "spiritual" alright. Question is, what spirit were they serving????

What I wanted to comment on, though, was in regards to the Church of England as an institution and how far it's fallen. Believe it or not, I was just thinking about this the other day (yes, I am a true theo-geek). What got me thinking was a conversation I'd had with my father, who is a semi-retired history teacher, about the Puritans. We were discussing the public schools' penchant for revisionist history, and he mentioned how most peeps don't distinguish between the Pilgrims (who were Seperatists - they broks away from the Church of England and became the forefathers of the Congregationalists in America....William Bradford would be rolling over in his grave to see what the UCC has become), and the Puritans, who technically were still part of the Church of England. They believed in reform and a call to holiness. As I understand it, there were many such internal "sects" or groups within the Church of England which were made up of God-loving people truly striving to serve Him.

Hard to believe that this is the same Church that a couple centuries later gave us heroes of the faith like John Newton and William Wilberforce. WHAT A DIFFERENCE 300 YEARS MAKES. The Anglican Church of today would be unrecognizable to it's members of colonial times. It is truly horrifying how fast and far some of these mainline denominations have fallen (like Congregationalist as well as Episcopal/Anglican) and how widely they have departed from the Word of God. I read a couple of years ago about a "woman validating" (?) ritual the Anglican church came up with in place of Communion. They were making raisin cakes and worshiping the Feminine Divine, or something like that. I was shocked speechless. (Imagine that). Nowadays, nothing shocks me anymore.

I really wish the Lord would come back already. Far too much weirdness being done here in His Name.

For a Season said...

Lurking for awhile here, and enjoying gleaning from your studies. I've been working on some research of my own and am just getting more and more confused.

There seems to be a movement lately that believes we are currently in the first half of the tribulation. With the 1/2 way point coming sometime in 2010. (Since the peace treaty was signed around 2007. Javier Solana seems to be the one to watch, and the 10 toes of Daniel being the 10 voting countries from the EU.)

The other camp argues that we are in the pre-birth pangs before the tribulation and that the 2007 peace treaty wasn't "the treaty". That the temple needs to be built for us to be in the tribulation. I was under the impression that the temple would only need to be up before the end of the tribulation.

I have been reading and re-reading Scripture for myself, but am ending up more confused than when I began.
I don't want to interpret the Bible through the lens of the world news events, but we are called to watch and look for the signs of Christ's return.

I am seeing headlines of the 1 world financial system, what appears to be governments trying to send us in that direction on purpose, RFID chip technology has made HUGE leaps in technology, attempts to unify all religions under the pope and RC church, and signs that the earth is groaning for the Creator's return. It becomes hard to NOT think we are getting very close if not there.

Any help understanding or recommended reading would be appreciated.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Hello there, For A Season,

I think date-setting is dangerous, because it leads to lots of disappointment and falling away from the faith.

I think we are definitely in the end times because the signs are all here, but I certainly don't think we are in the begining of the tribulation because things are too easy. However, I also think that the political situation in the world can lead to that before long.

I also believe too many people make too many guesses about what is what with prophecy. Since there are so many interpretations, I find it difficult to be dogmatic about any of them. My personal belief is that there will be a 7-year tribulation, but I don't believe in a pre-trib rapture because I just can't find it in the Bible (I used to be staunch pre-trib). I believe the rapture will be at the end of the trib and that there will then be the 1000 year reign before the final letting Satan out of the "prison."

I also believe the trib will be within my lifetime.

Does that help or does that muddy the waters more?

Blessings on your studies!


P.S. One more general comment about the Church of England: I forgot to mention that last month Rowan Williams apologized to Darwin on behalf of the church of England. And I just laughed.

Thanks for your comments, Marie. You hit the nail on the head, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Church of England is just Roman Catholicism minus the pope. So what did anyone expect? They're just showing their true colours, it's wrong to even call these denominations Christian, they're not. Christianized Paganism is more like it.